“Elizabeth Rogers knocks me out. She writes like a poet, plays a mean guitar, and sings like a bird. Her songs are full of a deep-rooted grace and power that’ll sneak up on you and shake you at your core. If this woman doesn’t move you, Jack, check your pulse!” - Eric Kilburn, Grammy-nominated music producer

Born and raised in Manhattan, Elizabeth Rogers now hails from the wilds of southern Vermont.  She sings original and found music that tell the stories of the large and also small themes that can run through a life. Her voice has been compared to Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell; her music has been described as “transformational folk."  Mike Scott of the Waterboys had this to say about her debut CD: "One Fine Day is terrific - boy has she got a good voice! Fine productions, performances, everything. I'm really impressed!"

Liz began her professional singing career at the age of nine in the children’s choruses of the Metropolitan and New York City Opera Companies, but didn’t start writing music until twenty years after that.  During a long sojourn in Scotland at the Findhorn Community, Liz wrote and produced two albums of original music: “One Fine Day” (2004) and “Breathe & Begin” (2010). It’s no accident that there is a strong Celtic influence in her music, informed by her travels and her explorations at Findhorn. She embarked on a career as a singer-songwriter after her second CD came out, touring around the US, Canada and Japan.  After tiring of life on the road, Liz eventually entered a doctoral program for Clinical Psychology and put music on the back burner for a few years. Re-emerging post-degree finds her creating a new relationship to song and performance, with an evolving sense of expanding musical horizons.